Nurturing the Art of Excellence

Ars Nova, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 status non-profit organization dedicated to the performing arts, with an emphasis on music.  Operated under its auspices are a school for training in voice, music, and theatre in addition to a production company which performs plays, musicals, and opera.

The school was established in September of 1998 with 25 students and has grown today to approximately 140 students.  We are located at 2828 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805, in the same building with AB Stephens Music.

We offer children’s courses in general music and group voice instruction.  Our preparatory program for children and adults includes voice and piano.  Each student receives one private lesson per week for voice/instrument, with four performance/theory classes included in each 16-week session.  Performance classes provide the opportunity for students to perform for their peers in a comfortable, nurturing setting. Instructors teach appropriate stage gestures and guide performers in developing a confident, communicative presence on stage.  A theory computer lab provides an opportunity for students to learn the rudiments of music including key signatures, intervals, simple rhythms and for more advanced students chord structure and rhythmic and melodic dictation.  Adult voice students may elect anatomy for singers or self-conducting for singers.  All our instructors hold college degrees or certification in their field of expertise.

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