Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of bad weather, how will I know when Ars Nova is open?

In general, we follow Huntsville City Schools.  If they send students home and/or cancel after school activities, Ars Nova lessons and classes will be postponed and rescheduled.  In the event the weather threat passes, students and teachers might wish to meet as scheduled.  These exceptions must be based on direct communication with the teacher.  Our faculty and student body are widely scattered across the region and conditions may vary.

What are Juries?

Juries are an opportunity to perform for the faculty and receive written comments in preparation for recitals. There are no lessons during jury week. The student will sign up for a ten minute time slot for jury week. It is a proven fact that this improves the recital performance. In general, Jury Sign Up happens in late March, Jury week in April and Recitals in May. The Jury Sign Up sheets will be at Ars Nova.

What are the times for the Theory classes?

On Thursdays, the following is the schedule:

3:45-4:15  Aural Skills Level 1; Theory Level 2
4:15-4:45  Aural Skills Level 2; Theory Level 1
4:45-5:30  Aural Skills Level 3; Theory Level 4
5:30-6:15  Aural Skills Level 4; Theory Level 3

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.