Summer Registration Now Open

Preparatory I Community Program / School of Music- our Summer Session will include any 7 weeks between May 25 and August 1.

We’re pleased to offer two ways to register for classes this year.  Online registration or download of the pdf registration form.  IMPORTANT: Confirm placement in the studio of your teacher before registering.  Call the office if you need assistance.


  • Teen Treble Ensemble:  Dr. Beazley will address basic breathing for singing and producing a healthy chest voice.  Music will be two and three part harmony with singers rotating between parts so everyone will learn to sing melody and parts.  Selections will include contemporary classics, musical theater, and jazz mass sung in Latin.  All other music will be in English.  $150. Mondays 1:00-2:30. Starts June 7
  • Six Things You Must Know for Healthy Singing:  Dr. Beazley says this class if Not for sissies!  $150. Mondays 2:30-4:00. Starts June 7
  • Improve at the Piano:  In this class, students will learn about basic chords of the keys C, F, and G.  You will learn possibilities for varying a melody, and why certain chords work well and sometimes they do not work as well.  In other words, the functionality of harmony.  Taught by Deb Saylor.  $150  Wednesdays 3:00-4:30. Starts June 2
  • Intro to Acting (no prerequisites):  This workshop will give students a chance to explore what it means to act.  Kareem will explore how to develop the acting process by building self-awareness, developing imagination and concentration, and instilling confidence!  Students will learn what a monologue is and performance one in a final recital.  Taught by Kareem Elsamadicy.  $300. Tues/Thurs  2:30-4:00. Starts June 1
  • Continuing the Acting Journey (minimum acting experience):  Delving further into the art of acting.  Taught by Kareem Elsamadicy.  $300. Tues/Thurs. 2:30-4:00. Starts June 1
  • Pursuing an Acting Career (acting/singing):  Highlighting the business and marketing side of acting.  Kareem will walk you through auditioning, creating a reel, websites, etc.  For the serious student looking for a career in acting.  Taught by Kareem Elsamadicy.  $250. Wednesdays 6:30-8:30. Starts June 2
  • Intro to Music Theory in Composition:  This course offers students a chance to learn about harmony and structure similar to the Music Theory and Aural Skills class, but instead applies these music theory concepts in a compositional focus to examine composers and their works, as well as develop students skills in the arts of notating, improvising, arranging, and composing.  Students will also learn how to analyze and listen to music with a more critical eye and ear.  Taught by Patrick Greene.  $150. Wednesdays 1:00-2:30. Starts June 2
  • Intermediate Level Music Theory in Composition:  A private 1 hours a week class with Patrick Greene going further into Music Theory in Composition and moving in a direction for the personal benefit of where the student wants to learn more.  $300. 7 private 1 hour lessons set up with Mr. Greene.



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Download our registration form.  Mail, stop by, or email the completed form to: 

Our online form is now available!  This option will allow you to pay online as well.