A Magical Evening of Music by
Russian Composers

January 27-29, 2022

Randolph’s Thurber Ars Center 
4905 Garth Road Huntsville, AL 35802

The first half will be a recital by multiple performers of works by Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, including Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky. After Intermission, an abridged version of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Snow Maiden.  Come Join Us!

Recital Featuring

Christy Weber (soprano)
Lisa Wiggins (violin)
Rebecca Rogers (soprano)
Adam O’Boyle (piano)
Kathleen Buckner (mezzo soprano)
Anna Lee Neese, soprano
Kenneth Frazier, tenor
Taylor Neese, baritone
Debra Saylor, piano

Snow Maiden (abridged)
by Rimsky-Korsakov

Snow Maiden – Anna Neese and Sydney Calhoun
Mizgir – John Weber
Spring Beauty – Linda Parker
Father Frost – Patrick Lamb
Kupava – Caroline Oldfather and Louise Block
Lel – Sam Perry
Bobyl Bakula – Jim Zielinski
Bobylikha – Katherine Witherow
Tsar Berendey – Michael Whitley
Treble Chorus
Peasant Chorus
Alabama Youth Ballet , choreographer Paula Osmer


Treble Chorus:   Anna Bailey, Alexandra Cazier, Christy Dawson, Amber Eckenrode, Chloe Hammand, Paige Heller, Lauren Todd

Peasant Chorus:   Thomas Austin, Louise Block, Christy Dawson, Amber Eckenrode, Paige Heller, Brenda Matkin, Olivia More, Caroline Oldfather, Sam Perry, Chris Smith, Mandy Todd, Michael Whitley, Kathryn Witherow, Jim Zielinski


Terry Cornett, percussion
Katie Hoppe-McQueen, harp
Luke Hubbard, violin

Kevin Lay, cello
Lara Lay, oboe
Charles Page, flute
Ray Reska, clarinet
Lisa Wiggins, violin