IPA For Singers


Taught by Dr. Ginger Beazley

IPA is the International Phonetic Alphabet which is a study of symbols designating precise sounds.  Joan Wall, author of the class textbook, presents each symbol, an explanation of the tongue and jaw position required and key words in English to help identify the sound.



Instructor:  Dr. Ginger Beazley, 256-698-8932, arsnovagb@att.net

Required Textbook:  International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers, A manual for English and Foreign Language Diction, by Joan Wall, Pacific Isle Publishing, Freeland, Washington.

If students cannot find this text, we will provide a copy of crucial information including worksheets from the out-of-print text for $15 each.  However, it will not be as complete as the Wall volume and would be advisable to pursue a purchase of the book.  They might be available used, which is acceptable for the class.

Class dates:  Thursdays June 16-July 21, 5:15-6:45 in Ars Nova Studio #3.

Preparation:  Please acquire your textbook.  Prior to the first class, read carefully Chapters 1, 2, and 3, pp 1-16.  Notate questions you have and we will spend time at the beginning of the class to answer and clarify anything you do not understand.


June 16 – we will cover chapter 4 in detail and assign worksheet four to be completed at home prior to next class.

June 23 – As a class, we will check and correct worksheet #4.  Discuss chapter 5 and assign worksheet 5 to be completed at home prior to next class.

June 30 – check and correct worksheet 5.  Discuss chapter 6 and assign worksheet 6 to be completed at home prior to next class.

July 7 – check and correct worksheet 6.  Discuss chapter 7 and assign worksheet 7 to be completed at home prior to next class.

July 14 – check and correct worksheet 7.  Discuss chapters 8 – 11 CONSONANTS.  Assign worksheets to be completed at home prior to next class.

July 21 – check and correct worksheets 8, 9, 10, and 11 together.  Discuss chapters 12-14.  Assign worksheets 12, 13, and 14 to be completed at home.

If we progress as anticipated, we will have time to sing short passages applying what we have learned.

Absences:  There are many positive aspects of working in a group as opposed to individual instruction.  Possibly the most difficult is absences.  So please avoid if at all possible.  If not in class, please read the material and do the accompanying worksheets which should keep you able to progress with the group.