Abigail Burger

Violin, Clarinet, beginning Piano

Abigail Burger, the one and only violinist from her small hometown in central Illinois, has played violin since 2010. She began her studies at the Conservatory of Central Illinois, and bounced around a few more local teachers and self teaching. In order to be a part of her school’s small music program, she picked up clarinet in 2012. With no school or local youth orchestra, Abigail spent much of her time traveling to nearby universities to participate in ensembles and advanced lessons. In high school, Abigail met her beloved teacher Terry Coulton and joined Terry’s program for strings students to play in the orchestra at Eastern Illinois University. Thanks to Mrs. Coulton’s and Eastern Illinois University’s preparation, Abigail received a scholarship to study violin at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, with violinist Larry Shapiro. Here, she taught a variety of instruments through Butler’s Community Arts School, including violin, piano, and clarinet. As a first generation college graduate, and first generation musician, Abigail’s goal in teaching is to be the teacher that she didn’t have for many years. She strives to be the resource she wishes she had available as a beginning violinist and create the proper foundation students need to be successful musicians.