Preparatory/Community Program/School of Music

Our preparatory program for children and adults currently includes piano, voice and strings. Each student receives one private lesson per week for voice/instrument, with four performance classes included in each 18-week session. Tuition includes weekly classes in theory and Sight-singing/Ear-training.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

Increasingly, parents wanting music lessons for their children are looking for a total program that includes high-quality musical instruction as well as opportunities for personal development. They seek excellence, high standards and accountability.

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program is designed to meet these needs, offering an assessment tool that offers all students a fair and challenging measure of their achievement, and nationwide recognition for their accomplishment in the program.

Thinking, practicing and achieving while performing the wide range of learning activities necessary for success in examinations promotes growth in all areas of achievement. Participating in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program benefits all students, the few who will become professional musicians and the many who will develop a life-long love of music as well as a wide range of skills for success.